Plastic Net Pots For Plants And Their Use

The plastic net pots are growing structures in hydroponic growing systems that act as an anchor to the plants. They are plastic mesh pots with holes on the sides and bottom which allow easy flow of nutrients to and from the root zone. They are also referred to as hydroponics baskets or hydroponics long net cups/hydroponic planting cups at times by users. Moreover, these plastic net pots are the best net pots for your hydroponics system.

Net cups are made up of heavy duty 100% UV stabilized plastic RO material. It has a wide lip that is suited for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Net pots also come with plant labels in order to identify hydroponic growing plants in the hydroponics garden.

Hydroponics at home

Net cups come in various sizes and can be used in various applications to suit your needs. But the most popular size is the 1 inch net pot. We at Higronics meticulously work to provide net cups aka net pot bucket which suit a variety of hydroponic growing systems and provide plants with good support. Net cups allow liquid to flow freely past the roots of the plants they contain, facilitating the uptake of nutrients. These mesh pots give enough space to roots to grow healthy. As the plant grows in the hydroponics garden, the roots extend out of the holes in the net pot and grow down through the pots in search of water.

These net cups are manufactured with UV-stabilized plastic RO material that is heavy duty. It has a wide lip that can accommodate a wide range of fruits and veggies. There is enough space in these mesh pots for roots to grow healthy. Plant labels are included with the net cups so that the hydroponic growing fruit and vegetables in the hydroponics garden may be identified.


What size net pots do I need?

The plastic net pots come in various sizes ranging from 2 inches to 3 inches to 4 inches and 5 inches. The selection of the plastic net pots size depends on the type of plants you are intending to grow. Choose any of the following sizes of net pots for your hydroponics system-

  • 2-inch net pot
  • 3-inch net pot
How do you use baskets for hydroponics?
  • Take a net pot or hydroponic basket of 2 inches
  • Place the plant sapling into the net pot
  • Fix the net pot along with the plant to the NFT channel, or a system of your choice
What do you put in hydroponic net pots?

There are various mediums that can be used to fill the net pots with; these include rock wool/ stone-wool, expanded clay pellets, cocopeat plugs, leca, oasis cubes, or polyurethane grow slabs.

Do you need net pots for hydroponics?

Yes, we do need net pots for hydroponics for the plant saplings to hold on to an anchor and net pots act as that support accessory.

Can hydroponics net pots be reused?

The net pots can be reused, it’s just that they need to be properly cleaned between each reuse cycle. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Plastic Net Pots

Each and every type of pot has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is commonly admitted that net pots are more useful in hydroponics systems, as they provide support for your plants while they grow. At the same time, they prevent obstruction of your system with the use of growing mediums like cocopeat disc, leca, etc. They also provide better aeration to the plant and root system.