About Higronics

To address the sticking- points of chemical burden and water scarcity, 2016 saw HiMedia venture into hydroponics, a soil-less farming technology, an exceptional first of its kind experience delivered to our customers.

With the mission of sustainability, social responsibility and bringing about change for the benefit of all, Higronics came into being. The central philosophy of Higronics is built around the fundamentals of social upliftment through innovation and education, as well as and intention of leaving behind a better planet.

With the hydroponics experts and best-in-class R&D team by the side, team Higronics’ endeavour in making Controlled Environment Agriculture making a success proved to be viable.

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Dr. Vishal G. Warke

"Global agricultural trends coupled with ever changing climatic conditions warrant us to take immediate measures to reform our agricultural practices in order to feed the world. Rapid rise in population along with ground water depletion affects the ecological pyramid with erratic food consumption patterns. We stand at the threshold of a crisis that calls for urgent application of innovative technologies in finding further solutions.

With intensive research and development, with focus on innovation and technology, higronics has come up with solutions that would help solve the food crisis by introducing hydroponics, a soil-less farming technology. Growing plants and vegetables in nutrient rich water is the fundamental basis of hydroponics. The principal advantage of soil-less farming is water conservation as hydroponics saves substantial amount of water as it consumes 7% of the total water needed for conventional farming techniques. Higher crop yields, irrespective of the place you select for cultivation is an added advantage. With this technology, we at higronics, aim towards creating a revolutionary platform that will usher in a new era in feeding our planet, the ‘Clean Green Revolution 2.0’."

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Vision and Mission
To provide for healthy and chemical residue free food across the globe.
In pursuit of revolutionizing agricultural practices, we put forth our technology and solutions towards the benefit of humankind in long run. Soil-less farming adds an edge in enhancing green patches on the planet as we attempt to curb growing effects of adverse climatic conditions.
Dec 2016
An idea and its inception. Higronics comes into existence
Aug 2017
India’s first fully automated indoor hydroponics testing and training facility
Dec 2017
Trials for nutrient solution manufacturing begin
Jun 2018
Beta- launch of higronics’ nutrients OR Higronics’ hydroponics nutrients – First series Beta-launch
Jul 2018
Higronics opens doors to indigenous technology based nutrient solutions
Aug 2018
Comprehensive range of Higronics hydroponics accessories introduced in Indian market
Sep 2018
Successfully completed hydroponic commercial set up at Nashik and Ranchi with state of art IOT based management system
Feb 2019
Successful set up of India’s first fully automated indoor commercial farm in Mumbai
Collaboration with Autogrow, one of the world’s largest automation companies for complete hydroponics automation process