Hydroponic Germination Kit

What is seed germination in plants?

In conventional farming, seeds are germinated in the soil as earlier it was the only medium to grow plants, where seeds performed their germination process and lead to becoming plant at the same place. However, Hydroponic farming at home has been very unconventional where it gives you multiple options in media to germinate seeds, like; cocopeat, oasis cubes, rockwool vermiculite, perlite etc. Amongst these, cocopeat has always been the best Hydroponic seed germinator because of its high-water holding capacity, low EC, biodegradability, good aeration quality, good plant holding capacity and nature friendly.

What are the steps and suitable seed type for hydroponics?

The fast plug is one such product in the Hydroponic germination kit which in appearance looks like a coin and as you soak it into the water it takes its shape and gets ready for use. It is covered with a cotton bag which helps the sapling to move from one place to another (like from the seedling area to net pots in the NFT channels), making it a great option for Hydroponics at home for beginners. Fast plugs can be used for the seed germination for all types of seeds, i.e. herbs, vines, ornamental or leafy like Hydroponic lettuce seed. For leafy and herbs, it takes 3-5 days to germinate the seeds, whereas, for vines, it takes 3-7 days to germinate.

What is the best seed starter kit?

As the cocopeat is the byproduct of the coconut, it provides sustainability and also gives the best performance when used in Hydroponic seed kits because it does not have its own minerals to adulterate in the nutrients supplied to plants. Cocopeat in Hydroponic farming at home Kit is used in many shapes, like fast plugs (germination coins), bricks, blocks, and slabs. It is also used by mixing it with the coco chips which are made of coconut husk and help to create more aeration in the root zone of the plant. Hydroponic equipment from Higronics is therefore essential to supply key elements such as light substrate, water, and nutrients to the plants for surviving and flourishing.

Once seeds are germinated in the fast plugs and used as a growing medium in any Hydroponic system, they cannot be reused whereas all the cocopeat in the form of media can be reused in multiple harvesting. Post harvesting any crop, the existing cocopeat can be reused by washing and sterilizing it. This process leads to reducing their available EC which got increased at the time of growing the plants. In case, certain losses occur due to its biodegradable nature, all you have to do is just top up the extra cocopeat into the system and grow the best of the yield with help of seeds for Hydroponic, comprising pharma-grade nutrients. So, buy Hydroponic seeds now!