What do you need for hydroponics at home?

You can start your kitchen garden at home with the help of a hydroponic system. It is very easy to grow your own veggies at home in indoor gardening for which you will require some equipment, like pots or any food grade material, seeds, cocopeat, hydroponics nutrients,, and basic requirements for hydroponics at home is water and light. You can try hydroponics at any corner of your home and for that, you will require sufficient light; natural or artificial. You can grow veggies like leafy greens and vegetable herbs at home in a small space with home farming systems provided by the best hydroponic company in Mumbai.

How to start your urban farm?

You can start your urban farm with hydroponics at home. Start at your own terrace or balcony or rooftop garden where sunlight is sufficient. It’s easy to start home gardening for beginners. Start with cocopeat grow bags, NFT channels, Dutch buckets. These are the systems used in hydroponics. Also, a major contributor is nutrients. Nutrients play a very important role in growing plants hydroponically. You can grow any green leafy vegetable and vine type crop at your home with hydroponics setup. So, start with these basics.

Hydroponics at home

Tips for Growing an Urban Balcony Garden

  • Need to select space where sunlight is sufficient
  • This is the best option for home farming systems. You need to observe EC and Ph Levels of plants daily
  • Hydroponics at home requires a lot of detailing. You must observe plants very closely
  • If you are wanting to grow vine type crop, you must arrange trenching for hanging the plants in balcony
  • In monsoon or on a low sunlight day, need to manage artificial lights
Hydroponics at home

How do I start a terrace garden?

  • For hydroponics farming, you need to cover your terrace with a green shade net or poly paper to avoid extra sunlight and rain
  • In a terrace garden, you must also maintain humidity and temperature with the help of foggers and fans for the healthy growth of home gardening plants
  • You can use home gardening tools for your urban terrace garden
  • You can start with a small area of terrace with vertical farming at home according to your family's needs
Hydroponics at home

What are the benefits of home Gardening?

  • You can grow your own veggies and fruits on your own with low-cost options
  • You can sell the excess produce from your urban terrace garden
  • You can utilize your time in home gardening when you have nothing to do
  • Plants grown hydroponically have more nutrients
  • Hydroponics at home keeps you healthy as you can have organic and fresh vegetables at your own home
  • You can also try a vertical farming system in low space

Importance of home gardening

Main importance of home gardening is you can grow your own fresh and organic veggies at your home