What is a coco block?

Coco coir pith block is made of natural fiber and coconut husks i.e. coco coir. Coir pith is a natural growing medium used in hydroponics home gardening for optimum plant growth and is a by-product received from coconut fiber extracts called coco coir pith. The sun-dried organic coco peat is then processed and used to produce several items such as coco peat block, coco peat powder, coco coir brick, coco peat briquettes, coco peat tablets, coco peat disc, coco plug etc. There are multiple coir pith benefits such as cocopeat blok for planting, hydroponics coco block for use in hydroponic farming. Coco coir block is a compressed coco coir pith containing fiber potting soil. This dried coconut coir fiber is used as potting mix for indoor or outdoor hydroponic farming suited for a wide range of flowers & vegetables.

How to use coco blocks?

The coir pith block which is made up of potting soil, is easy to handle and use as the only thing that needs to be done is to add water to the coco coir pith blok for it to expand and transform into moist and fluffy coco peat. This is basically made up of potting mix aka potting soil consisting of coco coir mix & coconut fiber i.e. coco fiber that exactly looks like soil mix.

  • If you need to expand the whole coir pith block, place it in a large bucket or a tub.
  • Hold a minimum volume of 25 liters of water.
  • If you want to grow in a larger quantity, then you would require a large number of coir pith blocks such as a coco peat 5kg block.
  • You can order this coir pith /coco peat block online as well.
  • Place the coco peat blocks vertically, one foot apart from each other.
  • Add water from a pipe on the coir pith bloks while crushing the blocks with hand to expand them into moist coco peat.
  • Peat moss provides very few nutrients and thus it is necessary to find an alternative to peat moss as a soil mix for indoor or outdoor farming.
  • An alternate method is to use machines to crush the blocks into powder and then use the dust.
  • An indoor grower can use a soilless potting mix with coconut coir fiber in some way shape or form.
  • One has to add water to a coco block made up of coir pith and wait for the expansion.

Uses of coco peat block

Coco peat is an excellent hydroponics growing medium for plants especially at homes and lawn gardens, widely popular amongst potted plants, making it a perfect fit for being used as a medium in seed germination products like seed plugs, starter plugs, etc. Coco peat blok consisting of coir pith and coconut fiber is the best alternative to peat moss. One has to add water to this potting mix and it can be used for indoor or outdoor farming for a wide range of flowers and vegetables.

This is basically made up of a potting mix consisting of coir pith & coconut fiber that exactly looks like a soil mix. Farmers are considering this as an alternative to peat moss as this can be used for indoor or outdoor farming. This also contributes to improving aeration for optimal root growth and simultaneously maintaining nutrient availability for the plants.