Coir Pith Grow Bags

Cocopeat Grow Bags are ideal for hydroponics and even environmentalists who go about tree planting programs in various places as required. What makes these coco coir grow bags a growing trend is because they are very practical being made from 100% natural/organic material and are reusable and biodegradable making them easy to carry around and safe for the environment.

So, what is a cocopeat grow bag?

A coco peat grow bag is a planter filled with a growing medium, specifically a mix of coco peat and coco chips acquired from coconut fiber. The grow bags are used for growing plants hydroponically, usually for wine type crops and green leaves. Our cocopeat grow bags have planting holes, drip holes and drainage holes as required.

These are UV stabilized black & white polythene bags, filled with compressed coco peat slab. The growing medium is a soilless organic material viz. coco peat, perlite, coir, and cocochip. Coir pith is one of the best growing media used in hydroponics farming in India. The process of planting starts with laying the bag on a flat surface like on a bench or on the floor and cutting access holes in the topmost surface, where the plants are to be placed.

cocopeat grow bags

How to use?

These cocopeat grow bags, allow for plants like wine type of crops and green leafy to be directly planted and grown. There are plant holes on the upper surface of the coco bag to accommodate the crops to be planted. The drainage holes are provided for excessive irrigation. Being among the leading manufacturers in India, our customization options include bags with varying thickness, size and weight as per your requirement.

cocopeat grow bags


From being used for large outdoor spaces like greenhouses, farms, hydroponics, horticulture, landscaping to smaller spaces like terraced gardens or kitchen gardens, coco grow bags are useful in multiple setups.

cocopeat grow bags

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages The use of coco peat grow bags made up from coco pith, reduces the frequency of watering the plants as they have a high water-holding capacity thus, reducing labour costs and plant loss. Since the exterior surface of the grow bags are porous and UV treated, they have excellent ventilation, exposure to air and water drainage abilities.

Disadvantages Cocopeat grow bags can be used to grow only one plant at a time and cannot be further reused for hydroponics systems due to the presence of natural salts.