What is a Hydroponic Greenhouse?

Hydroponics is a method of production that enables you to grow plants in a nutrient solution rather than soil which is used in conventional farming. Plants grown hydroponically are better in quality than conventional farming. And just like a traditional greenhouse, a hydroponic greenhouse allows you to control the environment based on your needs. For better results, start growing in a hydroponic greenhouse.

What can you grow in a Hydroponic Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are built on steel frames and covered with a polythene sheet which is fixed on the frame with aluminium/G.I./steel grippers. It is generally suggested in tropical and subtropical regions. People can also have a backyard hydroponic greenhouse with the hydroponic greenhouse for the home kit. This hydroponics garden technology has been very supportive for the farmers in terms of cultivating pesticide-free farming resulting in nutritious and healthy vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

How do Hydroponic Greenhouse systems work?

Hydroponic Greenhouse works to provide the best yield by putting all the minerals required to grow a healthy and nutritious plant by using water efficiently. The use of the water can be controlled either by using a hydroponic recirculating system or by drip to waste system with the precision dripping by a good hydroponic consultant. Hydroponic growing plants can use the NFT channel as a growing medium in the greenhouse. Generally, it is suggested to grow leafy green vegetables, flowers, and fruits (as per the system's commercial viability). Plants get a regular water supply through the nutrient film technique.

Types of Hydroponic Greenhouse systems

01. Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse (NVPH)

Generally works well in humid & dry environments and brings down the temperature inside the Polyhouse naturally.

02. Forced Ventilated Polyhouse (FVPH)

Brings down the temperature of the Polyhouse by using Fan and Pad structure. It helps to grow exotic veggies, flowers and fruits throughout the year. Generally suggested for the dry climatic environment

03. Plastic Low Tunnels

This is a small form of NVPH. The purpose of this type of system is to protect plants from various elements like high-pressure winds, storms, rain and pest. It is a low-cost structure and is generally used for a nursery.

04. Net houses

It is a simple shed house, usually used to provide a protective environment. Comparative cheaper than tunnels. Protect plants from viral diseases and pest attacks.

Advantages of Hydroponic Greenhouse:

  • Protection from the external environment
  • Higher yield
  • Easy nutrient (fertilizer) management
  • Cost-effective
  • Plants get controlled environment which reduces
    the loss and damages to the plants
  • High quality healthy and nutritious yield
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Throughout year farming
  • Optimum utilization of resources


Functions of a Greenhouse or a Polyhouse

A Greenhouse is used to grow plants and vegetation, mainly tropical ones. The greenhouse is designed to stay warm inside, even during the winter.

Types of Polyhouse or greenhouse

The 3 types of polyhouse or greenhouse are mentioned below

  • Lean-to
  • Detached
  • Ridge and furrow or gutter connected
What all can be grown in Polyhouse or greenhouse?

You can grow vegetables that you want to eat or sell i.e. vegetables & fruits such as tomatoes, lettuce, green vegetables, beans & peas, cucumbers, strawberries, and much more.

Is Polyhouse or greenhouse commercially viable?

Yes, polyhouse/greenhouse is a commercially viable option. Furthermore, income from polyhouse/greenhouse cultivation is non-taxable.

How one will get to know which Polyhouse they are supposed to have?

Multiple aspects should be taken into consideration while choosing a type of polyhouse, such as use(personal/commercial), availability of funds, space, etc.

Can hydroponic farming be done without having a greenhouse or Polyhouse

Yes, hydroponic farming can be done without having a greenhouse/polyhouse. However, it is better to carry out hydroponic farming within a controlled environment.

Advantages of hydroponic greenhouse kit

It maximizes energy use from photosynthesis which helps in increasing the yield of crops, improves water use, and is more space efficient.