Hydroponics Automation System

Automation is much needed in hydroponics. We can manage nutrient dosing, temperature, humidity with the help of automation. Hydroponics automation system helps growers to get real time data. Growers can take crucial decisions with the help of hydroponic farming automation. Hydroponic monitoring system enables simple graphical user interface-based programmable time control and other monitoring of the system. Hydroponics system controller automatically manages all aspects of automated hydroponic greenhouse climate control from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity.

Fully Automated Hydroponics System For Indoor Plant Growth

In indoor hydroponics systems we must give light, climate artificially so automation in indoor plants is very important. Automated hydroponics farming is required for modular hydroponics systems.

1. Controlled Light

In an indoor growth room without an external (or natural) light source, lighting is incredibly important but not all lamps are created equal. Plants need a specific amount of light/quality depending on their stage of growth and type of crop. Hence, we need automation here. The Hydroponics automation system maintains required light for your plants with a smart hydroponics system.

2. All Season Grow

Because indoor farming does not depend on outside influences like rain and sunshine, it means that you can often grow all year round. All seasons can be controlled by automation called smart hydroponics farming.

3. Single Handled Run-

You can run your farm single handedly because our system is based on data and commands so that the hydroponics system controller can run automatically till any error comes so you don’t need any labor for monitoring things.

Automated Hydroponics Greenhouse:

Depending on the type, size, structure of greenhouse it can control different factors by automation Like :

  • Heating and Cooling (temperature)
  • Light
  • Co2
  • Nutrient dosing
  • Roof (if it is retractable)
  • Benefits of Automated Hydroponics Green House:

    1. Decrease Your Labor cost

    By reducing the amount of manual work, you can decrease the labor cost and free up your labor for other work.

    2. Accuracy

    Accuracy is very important in hydroponics farming because everything depends on nutrient requirements of plants and with the help of automation, we can take more than 1 crop with different recipes of nutrients with accurate nutrient dosing.

    3. Increases Quality and Yield

    Using automation you can create an ideal climate which is required for the optimum growth of hydroponics plants. Also, we can give accurate nutrients so that it can increase our quality and yield.


    Hydroponics Automation Software:

    It has become very important to keep an update on any available data. In hydroponics farming, data or any automation software can help you achieve better yield and optimum production. The automated system can record your plant conditions, EC, pH, temperature, humidity, etc. so that you can monitor the data and run the process as per your preferences and convenience. A fully automated hydroponics system for indoor plant growth is much more helpful for new-age growers. Also, you can link the automation software to your phone and access your farm remotely from anywhere.